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A smiling woman wearing sunglasses, her wavy black hair blowing gently in the wind.

Condition And Care

How to Condition Your Hair

Do you take time to condition your hair after shampooing? If not, you're making a serious mistake!

Hair conditioning is a very important step in hair care and one of the most basic ones! Conditioning your hair is key for soft, smooth and tangle free hair.

Conditioner helps keep each strand of your hair healthy, adding to your hair’s natural shine and moisture! Regardless of hair type, your hair requires conditioning. Condition it properly. You may ask, how do you use conditioner? We have put together steps for you to follow for happy, healthy hair.

Select the right conditioner: Once you have identified your hair type, it is important that you use a conditioner developed for your hair type in order to achieve maximum results.

Select one of Sunsilk’s range of conditioners that have been developed for every hair type.

• Start from the ends: The ends of your hair need special attention, as they have been growing for a while and are older than the hair at the roots.
It is a common mistake to apply the conditioner to your scalp, just like you apply the shampoo.
It is the ends of your hair, often ignored, that require regular moisturising to stay healthy.

• Your scalp doesn’t need it: The main function of conditioning is to coat the hair shaft and make hair cuticles lie down. Colouring and heat styling remove the sheen and smoothness of the hair cuticle. Conditioner aims to repair this damage and helps repair your hair with essential moisturisers.
Your scalp doesn’t require that treatment.

• Timing is important: After shampooing and rinsing your hair, you hair is usually dripping wet. The conditioner will not remain on your hair in this state. Dry your hair with a towel right after rinsing out the shampoo and apply the conditioner for maximum results.

• Apply it properly: Apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair with your finger tips. You can even use a comb to do the job thoroughly. Once you have done this wait for at least 3 minutes before you rinse out the conditioner.