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A woman with smooth hair, smiling and wearing sunglasses.

Ways to Smooth, Shiny Hair

Endless smoothness

Weekly hydration is one of the secrets to developing the smoothness your hair needs.

Has it been a while since you've felt softness in your hair?

Have your strands become rough, dull, and lifeless? Be careful! This may be a sign that something isn't right in your hair care routine or even your health.

To check if there is a problem, do the following test: Separate a lock of hair and form a knot with it using your fingers. Then immediately release the lock. Did the knot quickly unravel or remain intact? If the knot was undone right away, congratulations! Your hair is strong enough to undo the knot on its own. Another test to find out is to get in a tub or pool and let your hair down. Does it float or sink? If it sinks, take caution. Your hair may be more porous than you think.

But you can change this - and the solution is pretty easy. Just change some day-to-day habits. Discover what to do to make hair soft and full of shine.

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    To have soft hair, start by rinsing

    Believe me, the hair rinse is just as important as shampoo and conditioner. Doing so restores your hair's body and movement soon after bathing, since there is no buildup left to weigh your hair down. Another key step is using cold water. Low-temperature water helps to seal the hair cuticle, which holds water and nutrients from the products applied to the hair. Taking cold showers isn't your thing? No problem. Wash your hair with warm water as usual and just splash some cold water at the end.

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    Do not over-comb your hair

    Untangling the excess hair can cause breakage to your strands, even beyond the dreaded split ends. Pay attention to how you usually comb your hair; the right way is to comb from the tips to the roots, not the other way around. For soft hair with less frizz, use a wooden comb or brush. Unlike plastic or metal, this material does not produce static charge that's responsible for frizz. Also, try not to touch your hair too much! They may seem clean, but you may be introducing dirt from your hands to your hair and scalp.

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    Treatment Cream + Shower Cap = Unbeatable Duo

    Hydration is key to achieve soft hair. To enhance your hair spa at home, use a plastic cap after applying the treatment cream on the strands and leave it on for the length of time indicated on the label. The mild and momentary heat inside the cap causes the hair cuticle to open quickly, replenishing the nutrients more easily.

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    Avoid the dryer and flat iron

    On the other hand, excess heat is the villain of soft hair. Whenever you use heated appliances like the hair dryer, straightener and curler, guard your locks with a thermal protector. This product is like sunblock for the hair. It's ideal for everyday use as it also helps shield the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays.